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Thursday, 20 February 2014

UK's first all-electric car club launches in Hertfordshire

The UK's first all-electric pay-per-use car club, called the E-Car Club, has launched in the University of Hertfordshire.

From just £5.50 per hour, anyone (above 19 years of age) can join and take advantage of renting one of three electric Renault vehicles, and with a range of around 100 miles, the vehicles are perfect for low-cost regional motoring.

Dr. Stephen Boffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Regional Affairs at the University of Hertfordshire, commented:

The University is always looking at ways to improve the travel choices for staff, students and the local community and we are proud to be the first university to launch an electric car club. We hope that by offering access to a low carbon form of transport, we can work together to reduce the cost and environmental impact of each journey undertaken.

For more information on the E-Car Club, visit says:

Car clubs tend to be the preserve of large urban centres like cities, so it will be interesting to see how well this one fares in an area with a less highly concentrated population like Hertfordshire. A great idea in practice for those who use cars infrequently, but will challenges with accessibility curtail any potential for this type of motoring alternative to provide the genuine low-cost motoring solution consumers are looking for.


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