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Friday, 21 February 2014

FTA calls on Chancellor to cut fuel duty in March budget

The Freight Transport Association (FTA), has called on the Chancellor to go further than just freezing fuel duty and instead cut it by 3 pence per litre in the upcoming budget, now just a few weeks away (19th March).

The Association stated that "by reducing road fuel duty it would ease cost pressure on domestic freight activity and stimulate economic growth" - as trade increased and more jobs were created, the Chancellor would benefit from additional tax receipts, which would cover the cost of reducing the duty.

James Hookham, Managing Director of the FTA, also commented that he would like to see a return to a lower duty rate for those businesses converting used cooking oil into a reusable bio-fuel for commercial vehicles, to continue to incentivise those who invest in these refining methods and continue to provide a more economically and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. says:

It's good to see groups lobbying the government to ensure tax on fuel is fair for those who use the nations roads, but we mustn't lose sight of the fact that the price of fuel alone shouldn't be used as a method of controlling the cost of motoring. Technological advances as well as some simple and effective methods of driving and maintaining your vehicle can make a big difference to your overall fuel bills.


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