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Monday, 24 February 2014

'Go Ultra Low' launched to help educate consumers about ultra-low emissions vehicles

Backed by some of the automotive industry's biggest players including BMW, Toyota, Vauxhall, Nissan and Renault, a new scheme called 'Go Ultra Low' has been launched, together with the website, to help showcase the benefits of pure electric, plug-in hybrid and extended-range vehicles with information about their low emissions, superb fuel economy, ease of charging and impressive range.

With the average UK journey being less than 50 miles, the ‘Go Ultra Low’ campaign seeks to dispel some common myths about ultra-low emission vehicles and hence ask ‘What are you waiting for?’ to the UK's drivers.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP, who helped launch the scheme and has added a further £9 million of funding into the electric vehicle charging infrastructure commented, "Electric cars are one of the most promising of our green industries and we want to secure the UK’s position as a global leader in both the production and adoption of these vehicles." says:

The only way that a low-emission economy can be fully realised is by both the public and private sector working together to deliver solutions for the consumer. It's great to see this initiative following this mantra, although with only five key manufacturers involved it does feel a little light on industry support...


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