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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New wireless technology from Toyota could pull the plug on conventional charging

Charging cars in the future could be as simple as parking your car, if a prediction made by Toyota comes to fruition.

A new wireless battery charging system has been developed by the manufacturer for vehicles that use an electric powertrain, and by simply parking the vehicle in line with a coil set into the surface of the ground, electricity is transmitted using magnetic resonance which then charges the car.

Testing is due to start shortly, with Toyota using the results to develop the technology further and ultimately bring the system to market, providing a smarter, easier to use and kinder to the environment solution for charging vehicles in the future says:

Another example of a vehicle manufacturer working to make the process of charging vehicles more easy for the EV driver. Obvious difficulties such as safety, interference and user competence will need to be addressed before anything of this nature can be released into the mainstream, but this certainly looks like a useful and very user-friendly way of providing charging facilities to electric car drivers of the future.


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