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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Fair Fuel UK delivers petition for 3p cut in fuel duty to Downing Street

MP Rob Flello, together with Quentin Wilson and Fair Fuel UK, have today (12th March) delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street demanding a 3p per litre cut in fuel duty in the forthcoming Budget.

Fuel Duty makes up 60% of the cost of fuel at the pumps, and the Fair Fuel UK campaign have consistently called for a decrease in duty paid by the UK's drivers, which would help stimulate the economy by giving consumers more disposable income and would have a net effect of helping GDP grow by up to 0.2%.

Flello comments: ‘The Chancellor needs to put forward a Budget which will help individuals and businesses. A cut in fuel duty would bring welcome relief to many who are struggling to with rising energy costs.’ says:

As we get closer to Budget day, we're not surprised to see motoring organisations lobbying the government to help reduce fuel duty which should of course help reduce fuel costs at the pumps. Any reduction would be a popular measure, with the opposite being a sure fire vote loser, so the government are in a potentially tricky position and it will need a fair amount of consideration to try and keep all groups happy.

More transparency over how much of the Road Tax and Fuel Duty revenues were actually spent on Britain's crumbling road network would surely help the UK public understand better the reasoning behind these taxes. Or perhaps it could enrage drivers and motoring organisations even more....


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