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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cost of fuel still tops list of worries for the UK's motorists

Latest research from BCA shows that despite prices falling and duty freezes confirmed by George Osborne at the last budget, the price of fuel at the pumps is top of the list of concerns for the UK's motorists.

Research carried out amongst a panel of 400 used car buyers in January confirmed over 70% of motorists worry most about the price of fuel – the same as 2013. With the top five concerns about motoring costs as follows:

1. The price of fuel
2. The cost of Road Tax
3. Insurance costs
4. Vehicle maintenance & servicing
5. Parking

Tim Naylor, Editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report commented “The reality is that fuel prices today are still much higher than they were just a few years ago – and for many motorists it’s hard to forget when unleaded was under £1 a litre. According to our research over one in five are convinced the fuel retailers are failing to pass on potential savings and a quarter of drivers are frustrated by the lack of action by the Government to tackle the cost of motoring.”

Naylor further commented “More than half of our survey said they have considered changing their current car for a more fuel efficient model in the last 12 months.” says:

It's nothing new to hear that the price of fuel is the biggest concern for the UK's motorists and although there are measures in place such as fuel duty freezes to limit rises in the future it's clear to see that fuel prices will not be coming down in the medium or even long term.  The only way to cut the cost of fuel going forward will be to limit its usage and with new technologies being developed all the time to help improve fuel economy, as well as the introduction of electric/hybrid engines, the future is looking more and more positive.  However, changes have to be made quickly.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of a number of fuel saving tips right here you can implement straight away on any vehicle to help limit your fuel bills.

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